Overseas Medical Insurance (BUPA)

BUPA is an acronym for British United Provident Association. It is an international organization that is well known for providing medical and health insurance facilities for reputable organizations, or group, and even individuals (either a sponsored individual or not). Payment of premium, and claims settlement can always be settled either in pound sterling (£), US Dollars ($) or Euros.



This scheme is designed on a three level basis for interested members to choose which one is most suitable, and affordable, with each carrying different levels of selected benefits. Basically, all three levels have almost similar benefits, with slight moderation, to reflect your level of choice, and of course some limits attaching to your choice of level


  1. Essential

Recovery of full benefits will be covered in the following occurrences:


  • Hospital accommodation bill
  • Nursing care, drugs, and surgical dressings;
  • Surgeons’, Anesthetists’ and physicians’ fees;
  • Theatre charges and intensive care;
  • Pathology, X-Rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),
  • Computed Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Diagnostic tests and Physiotherapy;
  • Prostheses (artificial body parts) and appliances;
  • Cancer treatment;
  • Parent accommodation, IF the child is below 18yrs;
  • Psychiatric treatment (after two years of membership);
  • Emergency local road ambulance journeys related to day
  • Case or in-patients
  • Transplant Services
  • Rehabilitation

2. classic

All benefits listed under level 1 (Essential) are covered, in addition to the following; Routine maternity cover up to pound sterling £4,000 US $8,000 and 6000 Euro, whichever is applicable.


As covered on the Essential and Classic scheme, except an improvement on routine maternity cover, to reflect the level of membership. Other additional covers are benefits for


  • Prescribed drugs and dressings;
  • Emergency dental treatment;
  • Dental cover (subject to previous extension)


There is also provision for Assistance Cover,also in three different categories:

(i)      Evacuation Cover

This provides for full reasonable transport costs for you to be evacuated for day-case and in-patient treatment, provided all the following criteria are met –


You were covered by Evacuation cover before you needed the

treatment requiring evacuation, and the treatment you need is covered under your membership, the treatment is recommended by your doctor and for medical reason, is not available locally.




(ii)Repatriation Cover

Repatriation cover pays in full, your reasonable transport costs to your specified country of nationality for day-case or in-patient treatment, if the following criteria are met


  • If Repatriation extension has been arranged
  • If the treatment you needed is covered under your
  • medical
  • If the treatment is recommended by your doctor, for medical
  • reasons not available locally


  • Health-line Cover

This cover embraces the covers mentioned above (Evacuation and Repatriation) but basically provides for the following;


  • general basic medical advice from a health professional
  • inoculation and visa requirements
  • emergency message transmission
  • interpreter, legal, embassy and hospital referral


Extensions i & ii (Evacuation & Repatriation Cover) will also pay for the reasonable cost of the person receiving treatment and the accompanying member’s return journey to the place they were evacuated from.