Our Roles/Responsibilities

Our Roles/Responsibilities

We are a professional intermediary between the insurance company and the insuring public. Our duties amongst several others include:

*        Ensuring that the insurance companies being recommended patronage are credible and financially viable and we are suitably placed to perform that, having operated for over twenty eight years in the insurance industry in Nigeria.

*        To verify that the insurance policies in force are appropriate for your kind of operations, and whether there are some protections that are necessary and which are currently not accorded to you.

*        To ensure that the premium rates are competitive with what are obtainable in the insurance market, and from very good and reputable insurance companies.

*        In the event of any incident-giving rise to insurance claims, it is our responsibility to guide you as to the various steps to be taken, to assist in procuring the appropriate document, formulate the quantum, and ensure a speedy conclusion of the claim(s).

*        Our robust software package and sound technical team ensures you get the desired services in good response time.


Man – Mountain & Company Limited will be the professional insurance broker that leads in the handling of the highest standard of Risk Management and Financial Protection Services.

Our vision is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, and create wealth for national development